My Life

So this is me. The beautiful woman is my better half Lauren, and the two little animals are Noah (left) and Nicolas. Then theres our newest edition baby Ella who was born the night after a wedding on 10/11/14!!. Safe to say that was a rough but amazing night! Now my boys are the sweetest and also THE CRAZIEST boys you will ever meet. We're hoping baby Ella is a typical girl and is a bit easier than my boys, at least when she's little! Life with three kids is challenging for sure, but I wouldn't have it any other way. Growing up an only child wasn't all that great. I've always wanted a larger family. Maybe it was all those years growing up watching sitcoms like Family Ties, Growing Pains..(dating myself bigtime) Not sure, but now that I have three kids and a wonderful wife, I'm enjoying every minute of it! Here are a few images of my family, images that show why I do what I do. My driving force I guess you could say.